Saúl Gallegos

Artificial Intelligence & Business Strategist | Building Software Solutions for Startups & Growth

AI-powered Business Solutions Architect, driven to leverage cutting-edge technologies to create innovative solutions for the startup and SaaS landscape.
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  1. march 2022 - december 2022Saas Founder &

    Built Sourcechat, a smart chatbot SaaS solution that integrates seamlessly with any website within minutes.

  1. march 2022 - december 2022Software & Artificial Intelligence

    Led a cross-functional team to create a MVP for the startup. Owned the AI product side. Expanded the MVP by implementing ML and AI solutions. Developed innovative LLM applications

  1. march 2022 - december 2022Full Stack Software EngineerPideDirecto (YC S21)

    Implemented impactful new features and sections used by over 5,000+ companies across sectors including Food, Delivery, Technology, and Logistics. Enhanced efficiency: Developed and automated internal tools that improved platform performance.

  1. august 2020 - march 2022Full Stack Software EngineerSolgeek

    Owned the full development lifecycle of 4 client projects, from initial design to final delivery. Leveraged a diverse tech stack including web, mobile and AI tools to deliver these projects.

  1. june 2019 - december 2021Data Scientist & Fullstack EngineerFreelance

    Developed a recommendation engines increasing conversion rates by 15% for an e-commerce company. Leveraged data analysis to identify customer segments and implemented targeted marketing campaigns. Developed complete web applications for clients in the health, industrial sectors, and more.

  1. january 2020 - december 2020Data Science Research AssistantUniversidad Autonoma de Aguascalientes

    Conducted research ensuring educational web resources are inclusive and implemented web accessibility solutions to educational websites

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